Testimonials from Our Patients

“Playing with my kids was impossible, even doing something as basic as making pasta caused excruciating pain. I couldn’t do anything, simple things like picking up a gallon of milk or shaking somebody’s hand or brushing my hair, or just little things, like typing. Everything, everything started to hurt. After 7 treatments I was pain free with increased rang of motion and playing with my kids and working without any pain. Thank you Dr. Workman.”
– Beth G.

“I came to see Dr. Workman because I had medial and anterior knee pain. I had been seeing a physical therapist for about 3 weeks with very little improvement. I do triathlons and run about 5 days a week. I have not been able to run without pain for months. Dr. Workman said he will treat me using Graston Technique, I was curious. He used these stainless steel instruments to rub around the knee, he said he was breaking up adhesions to allow proper healing of the ligaments and tendons. He also gave me some specific exercises and told me not to change my normal routine. My next run I had less pain and was able to finish my distance. After 3 visits I was 85% improved and only feeling slight pain towards the end of my runs and I have been able to add 2 additional miles to my runs. After 5 visits I virtually had no pain. This is great I went 5 visits and no pain, you can’t beat that anywhere. GRASTON TECHNIQUE it is remarkable. I know Dr. Workman will be my first call for any injury.”
– Roger M.

“I have been seeing Dr. Workman for about 2 months. I am pregnant and having back and hip bone pain. I have felt much better from my treatments with Dr. Workman, he has helped me tremendously. At 33 weeks I had an ultrasound and my baby was breech, the Doctor wanted to wait until 36 weeks and then do another ultrasound to see if still breech. I couldn’t wait; I asked Dr. Workman if he could do anything, so he said he could perform the “Webster Technique” so I saw him twice a week for 2 weeks and on the third week after my first visit of the week my baby turned. Next day the Doctors took an ultrasound and my baby had turned. I am grateful to Dr. Workman and the Doctors thanked him too. Now I can have a natural delivery, the Doctors wanted to do a C-section, thank goodness for Dr. Workman, he will be my Chiropractor for life and my newborn will see him too.”
– Kate K.

“I have had a plantar fascia injury for over 1 year and had to stop running. I have a history of foot problems including Achilles tendon pain. After 3 visits I was running again with residual pain. After 8 treatments I was running 15 miles with no residual pain. The results from using Graston Technique has been phenomenal as I went from running nothing to 50 miles a week over 8 treatments (45 days). I could see results from the first visit and I improved each week. The best part was that I was able to run during the treatments, make it possible to increase my mileage. Dr. Workman allowed me to run again.”
– Chris M.